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April 20, 2019
What would we do without the magical Quickbooks and accounting support of Vermont’s very own Mr. Jim Flint? He is a gosh-darn Quickbooks GENIUS! No matter the conundrum we find ourselves in here at Mac Nurse, be it monthly tax payments, issuing payroll, or providing invoice receipts, Jim’s got our back. We are blessed to have such a valuable resource here in the hills and forests of the NEK. Thank you Jim for all that you do.
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Awesome Bookkeeper/Financial Wizard Consultant!

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Aug 24, 2018

Making recommendation

If you have a small (or mid-sized) construction, hospitality or service business and hate to do the financial numbers crunching, but always have this nagging, sinking feeling because you have no idea where you are financially, I found the perfect guy for you! His name is Jim Flint of Flint Consulting, LLC in Craftsbury. He is delightful, meticulous, patient, smart and savvy when it comes to helping you get your financial act together. Even if it’s just for tax purposes, although having it together is a good thing 365 days a year.

He does a free (thorough!) consult and then if you are so inclined, combs through your finances to root out any issues, finds any overpayments, payments due, etc. He consolidates everything financial for you and puts you on Quickbooks Online so he can help you stay on track. The reports, the dashboard snapshot, the peace of mind…heaven. And critical if you are a business owner.

I have been looking for someone like Jim forever and I am so relieved to have finally found someone that I can trust, that is not crazy expensive and is a stickler for detail (like me). I can’t say enough positive things about him!

His website is https://flintconsultingllc.com

Jessica Waters

Professional Organizer & International Virtual Assistant